Why hire a wedding planner when I can do it all myself?
Of course you can plan your own wedding, but do you want to spend your special day worrying about the arrival of the cake? Why wake up in the middle of the night stressed and anxious about the florist not calling? A wedding planner is the best gift you and your future spouse can give each other!

I’m on a tight budget, can I afford a wedding planner?
Wedding coordinators can help you save time AND money through their established relationships with vendors. They can help you establish a budget and stick to it. Here’s an example: A bride to be is planning her own wedding. She wants to save money so, she’s doing everything herself. In order to accomplish everything on her list, she decides to take a month off work. The cost of a wedding planner would have saved her time and a month’s salary.

I like to have control over planning things myself–will a wedding coordinator take all the fun out of it?
At Ooh La La Events we take your dreams and help make them reality. “I bring the supplies, you paint the canvas,” says owner Sharlene Barker.


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